NIFTIES: A new frame line for petite faces

I can still vividly recall sitting in my 10th grade history class, absentmindedly rustling my notes in preparation for that day’s lesson, when the boy sitting in front of me suddenly turned to face me and loudly declared, “You know, you COULD be cute if your eyes weren’t so close together.”

And as abruptly as he made that declaration, he whirled back around in his seat and never spoke to me again. I sat in shock for the rest of class. What had just happened. Was I deformed? Later, I would reassure myself that the boy was merely rude and obviously suffering from pubescent growing pains. This had nothing to do with me.

Fast forward years later, I was an optometry student participating in one of our first optical labs. We were just learning how to measure the distance between our eyes (or PD, for short) for an upcoming practical. A professor came by to check my partner’s measurement of me. She took the ruler, glanced at my face and then nonchalantly remarked, “56. What a small PD.”

I barely heard her. The only sound filling my ears was the rushing realization that after ALL these years, that stupid boy was RIGHT!

Finding a pair of glasses that you love is hard enough. Finding a pair of glasses that you love AND one that fits you correctly can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task, especially when you have petite features. Sometimes you may find yourself wandering over to the kids section because at least those frames don’t feel like your face is drowning in glasses! But as fellow petite-faced person, you can imagine my delight when we recently discovered NIFTIES, a Danish brand that has taken up the mantle and created great looking eyewear that actually FITS people with fine features. Hurrah! We are so happy to have NIFTIES at Cornerstone and to be able to offer more beautiful choices for those of us with smaller PDs.

…And by the way, no matter how far apart your eyes are, YOU DO LOOK CUTE!!

—Dr. Rebecca

Rebecca LandolfiComment