Optometry Services

Cornerstone Eye Care and Dr. Landolfi offer a technology driven eye exam utilizing the latest in eye care equipment.

comprehensive eye exam & glasses

Our comprehensive exams begin by evaluating your vision and delivering an updated, crisp glasses prescription using our digital refracting equipment. Dr. Landolfi will also assess your ocular health, including but not limited to dry eye and allergy treatment, co-management of systemic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, autoimmune diseases, and treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal issues. Dr. Landolfi will evaluate your overall eye health whilst utilizing digital imaging of the inside of the eye, at no extra charge, to ensure the longterm health and happiness of your eyes.

Included in your eye exam:

  • Eyeglasses prescription

  • Ocular Health Exam

  • Digital retinal photos

  • Retina Scan: Digital optical coherence tomography

  • Glaucoma Screening: Vision field testing


contact lens fitting

Wear contacts? Great! Never worn contacts but want to try? Even better! Long gone are the days of uncomfortable contact lenses that only fit certain people. Dr. Landolfi specializes in finding the right contact lenses for your personal needs, offering convenient daily disposable, color, and multifocal options.

Included in your contact lens fitting:

  • Trial diagnostic contacts

  • All follow-up contact lens checks

  • Contact lens prescription


medical eye visits

Eye emergencies can be very stressful and traumatizing. Red, painful, tearing, itching, and/or light sensitive eyes need to be seen and treated as soon as possible. Contact lens complications or sudden changes in vision are frequently urgent matters. If any of the above happen to you, our staff will book your appointment with Dr. Landolfi as soon as possible so we can prescribe the right treatment and get your eyes, and you, feeling like yourself again.

Included in your exam, as necessary:

  • All retinal or eye imaging tests

  • Medical drug or eye drop prescription

  • All additional follow-up care visits for the same issue

  • Referrals to specialists